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Hairless Whispers

Bored of your old look? Hoping to make a bald — er, bold fashion statement while saving big bucks on hair stylists and product?

You've come to the right place. See how Rob did it in a little QuickTime video we call "Hairless Whispers." It's a pretty big download — 8 MB — but we hope you'll agree it's worth it.

If you don't want to spend the next year sitting in front of your computer waiting for the file to trickle down over your modem, then click here for the RealPlayer version.

And if your connection is really slow, here's the streaming RealPlayer version.

Need the software?

QuickTime is free from Apple.

RealPlayer is free from Real. (Look for the link to "RealPlayer Basic.")

No, he's not "the Cisco Kid," or the well-known networking company. He's The Sisko, the Emmisary of the prophets, as in Captain Benjamin Sisko of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

“Mean people suck.”

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For even more photos of The Incredible Sisko and the Amazing Bean, click here.


Stuff we like:

Consumption for its own sake is a collective neurosis that threatens at least our well-being and perhaps our very survival.

Except... See, we're both children of the latter half of the 20th century. Just as some generations defined themselves through art or struggle, we define ourselves through purchasing and pop culture.

A little ode to our way of life:

Singlets and dresses and jackets from AWear
Klingons and Romulans, captains with no hair
G4s and PowerBooks still aren't enough
Here's just a bit of our favourite stuff...

Right — on to the goodies.

The new iMac: If Apple has achieved one boon for humanity that outstrips all of its other achievements, it would be the death of the beige computer box. Yes, you can still find ugly generic computers if you try — but these days, even clone manufacturers are turning to distinctive colours and designs.

Why? Because in January 1998, Steve Jobs unveiled the now-familiar iMac: a revolutionary computer design that merged the processor, hard drive and monitor into a single gumdrop-shaped unit. Since then, PC manufacturers large and small have scrambled to keep up, with innovative designs that often borrowed heavily from the iMac. (Sometimes too heavily, in which case Apple's legal team would get involved.)



Places we visit:

The Internet Movie Database

Never again will go to bed angry...witha partner who foolishly insists that Cher was one of the original Charlie's Angels. IMDB offers complete credits for every TV show and movie in existence, so you can prove that the latest Law & Order episode did feature Chip Zien. Look it up, people.

JoJo's Place

We designed this site for one of Vancouver's coolest furniture stores. Amazing antiques, one-of-a-kind pieces, custom upholstery — plus they're great people. (Hi, Janet! Hi, Josh!)

Carole Lieberman

Our real estate agent. She gave us a crash course in the Vancouver real estate market and helped us find the home of our dreams. She also has a wicked sense of humour.


Not only are we geeks, we're cross-platform geeks. Alex switched this year to a Windows machine (because of the demands of work) and then back again (because there's no place like Cupertino) and Rob switched to a Mac (because he got a great deal). Thanks to this site, we can still talk to each other.

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