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January 2002
Vancouver's Four Days of Winter!
Thrill to the frigid wasteland that was Kitsilano! Gnash your teeth at how long winter lasts everywhere else! Fantasize about clobbering a smug Vancouverite!

May 2001
Oberlin College reunion photos! See highlights from the bash at Alex's alma mater.

Now We Are Thirty!
We celebrated Alex's 30th birthday with a fab dinner at Delilah's. Click here for pictures.

Winter 2001
And these are Angel's teeth. Let this be a lesson to all of you who like to send us weird e-mails.

If this face is not familiar, then Jon!!you need to check out our favourite show: the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, on the Comedy Network (Comedy Central in the U.S. of A.) The Daily Show manages to turn news parody into sporadically profound news commentary -- and even when it's not profound, it's good for a laugh. We like it so much that it has displaced Star Trek reruns as our preferred 11pm accompaniment for web surfing and computer gaming. Which brings us to another new vice...Dynamic Lines. Investigate at your own peril.

March 2000
Alex and Rob's Übergeek battle continues. Rob briefly gained the upper hand when Alex's flu meant he attended the Steve Jobs Macworld keynote simulcast on his own — but Alex has quickly shot back to the top spot by a) running a USB cable and monitor cable into the living room so she can use her computer from the sofa, and b) shooting up the galaxy's Delta Quadrant with Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force.

New Year's 2000
The year 2000
started with some farewells: to Alex's friend Tobin, who flew back to Boston, and a sad goodbye to Rob's friend Dale Weston, who passed away on December 31.

We rang in the new decade / century / millennium on the beach at Spanish Banks, with the rain pouring down and the ocean at our feet. Alex popped a cork, and Rob and our Boston friend Tobin joined her in a toast to the new year. Sisko also joined the festivities, downing a substantial portion of a package of Nanaimo bars before we could catch him.

Sisko, by the way, can now "shake a paw." This latest addition to his repertoire extends it past the now-familiar commands of "sit", "drop it", "no bite" and "get off that lady's leg; that's disgusting!"

We visited Ontario back in December 99— which means it's time for another virtual slideshow! Make yourself a bowl of popcorn, pour yourself a refreshing beverage and enjoy!

December 1999
Things are nearing completion in our two-month-long move in. Alex has finished the wiring of our network, and the painting has wrapped up. Here are the colours we used (more or less):

Living room

Dining room

Alex's office

Alex's office

Rob's office

Rob's office

Trim outside Rob's office


Add to this a collection of doggie toys and puppy food, and you have La Casa del Sisko.

November 1999
The Palindrome officially welcomes Alex back to the Macintosh platform following her purchase of a snazzy new G4.

A little bundle of joy came back with Alex on Oct. 29, 1999. Calm down; it's not a baby. It's a puppy, and our deepest thanks go out to Alan and Valerie for a wonderful gift! Meet Sisko, the newest member of our family. (He's the one with the sharpest teeth.) But this lovely puppy has a dark side. Hannibal Lecter, move over — there's a new violent psychopath on the block. Sisko, Killer: qu'est-ce que c'est?

October 1999
We move into our new home:

Where exactly is 3223 West 2nd Avenue? Find out!

Do you know what we did the summer of '99?





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